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Let's Celebrate!

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CANADA 150!!

To celebrate this momentous occasion, we have 4 baskets filled with quality products made in Canada from coast to coast to coast.  All of the baskets contain

- maple syrup from Quebec

- Tundra soap from Nunuvut

- Chocolate from Newfoundland

- award-winning jam from a farm in BC

- mustard from Ontario

...and much, much more.  

The rest of the products in each basket are not all exactly the same:  some contain Manitoba wild rice, or Yukon tea, or saskatoons from Saskatchewan.  But each basket contains quality Canadian products worth a total of at least $130.

Celebrate Canada 150 by demonstrating good old Canadian generosity, and bidding a bundle on one of these baskets!  The girls and women in northern Tanzaia will thank you!

And you will enjoy products made in Canada!

This is Basket No. 2.