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Red Sock Blue Sock
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Enjoy the pleasure of knitting socks!

No other knitted garment experiences the demands of the humble sock: it defies gravity and stays upright on the leg, it clings to the calf without cutting off the circulation, holds tight to the foot while jammed into a shoe and endures being trampled for hours.  All this while pleasing the eye.  It truly is an engineering feat, and a work of beauty!

This kit gives you everything you need to create a stunning and unique pair of socks: gorgeous hand dyed merino yarn, Hiya Hiya circular needle that is smooth as silk with flexible cables and perfect joins, a lovely linen bag to carry your work-in-progress, and Eucalan no rinse washing product (a beauty treatment for wool) to maintain your socks.

You could knit these socks for someone you love, or introduce them to the joy of knitting!

Red Sock Blue Sock Yarn is a family run business based in Ontario producing high quality yarns in a fantastic array of tonal solids all the way to vibrant and highly variegated colors. Each skein is hand dyed with care on high quality fibers spun in Canada.

Donated by Red Sock Blue Sock

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